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Jean-Michel Martin Group The Jean-Michel Martin Group used to rely solely on accounting data to generate reports. But as gross profit margin began to decline, they needed a way to analyse all of the factors affecting profitability. Now, CalmCo enables them to proactively improve financial performance.
Didi Motors Didi Motors came to CalmCo in search of a BI solution that could give managers a global overview of all locations. Today, they use CalmCo to measure department-level performance, improve efficiency,  and give managers near real-time visibility into each location's operations. 
Garage Louyet Luxury auto dealer Garage Louyet needed to centralise reporting across 25 locations and make data accessible to over 500 employees. Today, they use CalmCo's all-in-one solution to track KPIs by department and connect employees to powerful decision-making insights.


How Data Analytics Improves Car Dealership Operations Car dealers must continually evolve to stay aligned with consumers’ ever-changing needs. Explore the role of data analytics in car dealership operations and see how dealers can leverage it to improve performance across departments.
The Future of Car Dealerships: Using Data to Navigate the Road Ahead Today’s car dealers must make room for emerging industry trends, market changes, and global events alongside their daily operations. See how data will inform the future of car dealerships by helping dealers manage their operations, monitor performance, and make informed decisions.
3 Signs It's Time to Implement a Business Intelligence Solution Car dealers must invest in reporting and analytics to turn complex, distributed data into comprehensive reports and dashboards that measure performance, inform decisions, and improve forecasting across multiple business areas.


Creating a Data-Driven Automotive Dealership Collecting and analyzing data helps auto dealers face their most critical daily challenges, including balancing asset portfolios and cash flow, managing costs across multiple locations, improving customer service, and managing sales lifecycles. 


Business Intelligence dashboards for a car dealership in a pattern
CalmCo for Car Dealerships Track key performance indicators in sales, stock, invoicing, and more. Plus, use CalmCo to monitor trends over time and uncover new revenue-generating opportunities throughout your dealership.  


TARGIT Acquires CalmCo CalmCo was recently acquired by TARGIT, a long-time partner and leading business intelligence (BI) software provider. Discover how the two organisations will enhance each other’s business intelligence capabilities and develop new features for automotive dealers.

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More data means access to more answers. Connect, import, and integrate disparate data sources into a single, easy-to-use BI platform. Utilize our InMemory database or layer our solution on top of your existing analytics setup.

Study every facet of your dealership's operational performance with interactive dashboards and analysis tools. Drill down into detailed insights to monitor changes, track trends, or spot outliers, then present clear results with visualisation tools and auto-generated reports.

With complete data visibility, your teams can turn detailed insights into digestible readouts that inform decisions and streamline internal processes. Our platform gives you the confidence to make internal improvements that drive measurable results.