TARGIT Acquires CalmCo, a Provider of Business Intelligence Solutions for Automotive Dealerships

Originally published March 9, 2023. Updated May 4, 2023

Aalborg, Denmark — TARGIT, a leading business intelligence (BI) software provider for small to mid-sized enterprises, announced its acquisition of long-time partner and BI solution provider, CalmCo. 


This new stage in the TARGIT x CalmCo partnership will pave the way for CalmCo’s ongoing solution development and market growth while supporting TARGIT’s strategic expansion into new key verticals and geographies. Together, the two organisations will enhance each other’s business intelligence capabilities and look to develop new features for automotive dealers and their end-users.

"Integrating into the TARGIT ecosystem will enable us to strengthen our solution and services for existing customers, while also expanding our market footprint as part of a larger, more established BI organisation," Luc Cos, President of CalmCo.

CalmCo’s business intelligence as-a-service (BIaaS) platform is built on TARGIT’s BI software and allows automotive customers to deploy a ready-to-use BI solution. Dealers can integrate CalmCo with their preferred dealer management systems (DMS) and all other operational platforms. 

From there, users can access pre-built dashboards, create custom dashboards, and generate reports that accelerate operations and help them realise BI value right from the start. CalmCo’s user-friendly solution and expertise in the automotive industry makes it the preferred partner for the largest automotive dealer groups and support TARGIT’s long-term business roadmap. 

As Jakob H. Kraglund, CEO of TARGIT, explains, “CalmCo’s solution and services to the automotive industry fit perfectly with TARGIT’s strategy and approach to customers in other key verticals. We are excited to partner with CalmCo to offer market-leading, out-of-the-box BI solutions that enable automotive dealerships to significantly accelerate time-to-value for BI.” 

The CalmCo team already has experience working inside of the TARGIT platform, making this acquisition a great opportunity for both organisations. CalmCo will continue to function as its own business unit inside of TARGIT, meaning CalmCo customers will continue to have access to the CalmCo capabilities and people they know and value highly.



At TARGIT, we bring expertise to key verticals to help our customers make data-driven decisions. We drive lasting business value with solutions that support your unique goals and the processes that power your day-to-day operations. 

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About CalmCo

CalmCo is an all-in-one business intelligence solution for automotive dealers in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and France. With CalmCo, dealers can access reports, dashboards, evolutions, and cost items in just a few clicks. Then use those insights to take timely, impactful business decisions and increase the profitability of their business. 

As experts in both BI and the automotive industry, our teams know your business and speak your language. We are reliable partners and guarantee personal, direct, and high-quality service in every interaction.

CalmCo’s solution has gained a market share of 50% in Belgium and is growing fast in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France. 


Q&A: Acquisition CalmCo by TARGIT

Why did CalmCo choose TARGIT to become its primary shareholder? 

CalmCo has been a TARGIT partner since Luc Cos founded CalmCo more than ten years ago. The long-time partnership, collaborative product strategy development, and TARGITs’ belief in CalmCo’s solution and vertical sector approach made joining forces for our common strategic growth in the automotive industry a natural next step.


What does this acquisition mean for my organisation and other CalmCo customers?

First, nothing will change in the relationships between the customer and CalmCo. CalmCo will continue to function as its own business unit, which means your highly appreciated support team stays in place. Luc and Wim Cos will continue in their leadership roles within the CalmCo business unit in TARGIT, and Wim will become a shareholder in TARGIT.  

In addition, you will be able to take advantage of new features, faster development, and even better support from the CalmCo team (e.g., regular webinars on new developments). You will also gain access to support from TARGIT, an organisation recognized as a leading business intelligence (BI) software provider and Global Leader in Vendor Credibility.

Lastly, CalmCo’s future is more secure than ever since a strong shareholder has come on board to assure the continuity of the company and its services to you. TARGIT’s goal is to roll out the CalmCo solution worldwide, meaning CalmCo’s solution will only be enriched with insights from your colleagues in other countries.


CalmCo is a market leader in Belgium, offering BI solutions to the automotive sector and successfully starting to develop its business in the Netherlands. How will that impact the relationship with Belgian customers? 

Over the years, CalmCo has developed BI interfaces for all Dealer Management Systems in Belgium. In 2019, a major Dutch customer asked us to integrate multiple DMS sources into one data warehouse, so we began developing interfaces for the most common international Dealer Management Systems. As the interfaces for many DMSs in the Dutch market exist in Belgium, we were in for quick wins in the Netherlands without substantial new investments.

As you might have seen on social media, CalmCo is hiring additional support and development employees to continue our high standards in customer services in Belgium and for our new Dutch customers. We will continue expanding our team and offering career advancement opportunities to our current employees. 


Many big dealer groups in Belgium are CalmCo customers. As CalmCo focuses on these groups, will the offering of CalmCo for individual dealers continue to be supported and be affordable?

Our smallest customer sells about 100 vehicles per year, while our biggest customers sell tens of thousands of cars per year. As the standard of Business Scan Automotive and the support tools for all customers are the same, we will not change our strategy of offering solutions for one specific sector, from the smallest organisation to the largest.

Originally published January 10, 2023. Updated May 4, 2023