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Workshop & Warehouse

Obtain a clear overview of current work order statuses, the hours worked in past days, and the road ahead. Use CalmCo to forecast staffing needs based on demand.

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Discover a New Way to Manage Your Dealership Operations

Measure performance, identify trends, and improve results with our powerful, all-in-one reporting solution for car dealers.

Before CalmCo, I had access to too much data, but not enough of the right data. Now, I’m able to build reports with exactly the data I need, using my desired combination of graphics and tables.
- Anthony Delcor, Group After-sales Manager, Jennes

Insight Into Every Service Operation

CalmCo's all-in-one solution makes it easy to track critical after-sales metrics with pre-configured reports and dashboards.


How does the turnover evolve per technician, and what is the margin per spare part? CalmCo’s BI solution allows you to answer all these questions with one press of a button. But that’s not all: trends quickly become clear and outstanding orders can be immediately followed up.


Get full insight into open repair orders and immediately spot discrepancies between insurance-approved specifications and the hours your technicians have actually worked. That’s CalmCo too.


Immediately identify sleeping and dead stock. Evaluate costs, see stock levels for spare parts, or check which exclusive spare parts are in arrears. This module gives after-sales managers and warehouse supervisors a complete and detailed overview of the stock.

Optimise Your Dealership

Turn Data Into Instant Insight

See how CalmCo's BI solution can help your dealership track high-value KPIs, get an in-depth look at performance, and turn data into actionable insights that drive growth.